Statistical dynamics

The research activity aims at understanding and characterizing complex dynamical evolution and transport phenomena in far-from-equilibrium systems. Our activity is theoretical and in collaboration with experimental research-groups in Italy  and abroad (Russia, UK). Ideas and methods are coming from (non-equilibrium) statistical mechanics and dynamical systems theory.

The physical systems we are dealing with range from the most classic dynamical phenomena, the diffusion process, to the wave propagation in complex diffusive media (such as disordered or fractal structures), from heat conduction in low-dimensional materials to growth processes and instabilities, from athermal dynamics in spin ice to coarsening dynamics in diverse systems.

Our focus is mostly to basic science, with an eye to possible future application like novel nanotecnological or optical materials with tailored transport features. We also highlight recent and current collaborations with experimental groups in Leeds and Novosibirsk on magnetic and semiconductor nanostructures.