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Research Themes

Neural Network Dynamics

Numerical studies of pulse-coupled neural networks with different topologies, in particular we have studied the emergence of collective behaviours in globally coupled, massively-coupled (Erdoes-Reniyi topology) and sparse neural networks. Furthermore, for these systems we have characterized the degree of chaoticity and the scaling of the Lyapunov spectra with the network size. (in collaboration with R. Livi, A. Politi, S. Luccioli, A. Torcini and L. Tattini)

Two Coupled Neural Networks

Numerical studies of two simmetrically coupled populations of leaky integrate-and-fire neurons and analysis of the different macroscopic solutions emerging in the system: from fully synchronized states to chimera states. For the same model a detailed characterization of collective chaos has been performed. (in collaboration with A. Politi and A. Torcini)

Stability of the splay state

Analitical analysis of the linear stability of ”splay states” in a network of pulse-coupled phase-like models of neurons. Derivation of a perturbative technique to obtain analytically the Floquet spectra for oscillators (neurons) with generic velocity fields. General criteria for the stability of the ”splay state” has been obtained based on the velocity field and on the pulse shape of the transmitted pulses. (in collaboration with A. Politi and A. Torcini)

Single Neuron Response

Analysis of the influence of correlations among discrete stochastic excitatory or inhibitory spike trains on the response of a single leaky integrate-and-fire neuron model. In particular, we have analytically derived the firing-rate and the associated standard deviation for single neuron subjected receiving excitatory and inhibitory shot noise with amplitudes distributed as exponential, gaussian or single valued. We have found the optimal combination of noise and level of correlation to obtain the most regular response (coherence resonance). (in collaboration with A. Imparato and A. Torcini)


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Recent Publications

S. Olmi and A. Torcini, Coherent activity in excitatory pulse-coupled networks, Scholarpedia 8 (10): 30928 (2013).


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Simona Olmi
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I am in room 126 of  CNR,  first floor,   building B.


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