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Plasmonic Spectroscopy (0)

The lab “ Plasmonics and nanomaterials”  is equipped with a home made surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectrometer at angular interrogation working at 488, 515,633, 786 nm wavelengths.
The instrument is usually exploited for measurements involving  the variation of the refractive index of a sub-wavelength  (multi)layer in which one of the layer is a noble metal.
To this kind of tests in particular belong the receptor-ligand binding reactions or surface functionalization.
The instrument can also perform surface plasmon fluorescence spectroscopy measurements, by interfacing the SPR spectrometer to our Piacton spectrometer coupled to a TEC-cooled Pixis CCD camera. This is typically useful when an increased resolving power is needed, achievable with labeled receptors or ligands.
The SPR spectrometer can also be used at fixed angle with  collimated white light illumination (wavelength interrogation). In this case, the interface refractive index changes are monitored via the change of the reflected spectrum as monitored with the Pixis-Piacton spectrometric system.  

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